Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Our luggage tags are for 8:20 in the morning, so maybe we will be off by 9:00. We will then drive to Shreveport and stay the night. Home by Thursday night to see Jaden & Jaxon's last regular season games. This is the last week of school for Midland grands. Snyder guys go next week. Monday morning, Eric will put Carter on a plane for his 'end of Jr. High' trip to Washington DC. I will head to Midland that afternoon as Eric & April leave Tuesday morning for the Bahamas. Married almost 20 years, so will celebrate. Poppa comes that afternoon and I will put him on a plane for Oklahoma City on Wednesday morning. Big 12 Baseball tournament and Texas Tech Red Raiders go in #1........Well, Andrew, Mallory & I are not getting on a plane!!!!!!!! We will need to pick up Carter Friday night and Eric, April and Poppa all come in on Monday. Yes, I am already planning our next trip: so until later! 

Monday, May 16, 2016


Yes, the ship was docked in Cozumel.......and yes, we remained on board. Not one of our favorite places. Just happen to wear my Castaway Cay shirt today, and guess who was parked next door? Disney Fantasy. Tomorrow we are at sea headed back to New Orleans, so you one or two people that follow us, check back tomorrow night or Wednesday and I will fill you in on the rest of the month! This ship NCL Dawn is headed to the Bahamas for a month of dry dock and a refurbish! Yes, it needs it!! We have had a great time, sleeping, eating and reading. That was the plan when we left home. Entertainment has been great and tonight was chocolate night........

Sunday, May 15, 2016


Costa Maya was a fun place. This is where we saw the rainbow around the sun. Part of the time it was a double rainbow. No one had seen it before or knew why it was showing like it was. There is also a swimming pool in the middle of all the shops on the port. The water was great. 


We did not get off here either. It's a pretty long tender and we can enjoy the ship while everybody else is off. 


Another day spent on the ship. Did have some excitement when a swarm of bees flew over the swimming pool, but they all quickly joined each other under the umbrella over the hot tub! Had a pest control guy come vacuum and spray....

Something happened when we left that was new: a lot of workers waved us off. Maybe they were glad to be rid of us! 

Friday, May 13, 2016


One of Monte's birthday surprises was a pass to the thermal spa! That is where the saunas are with an indoor pool and hot tub. The relaxing rooms are perfect for napping! 


This port has sure improved since our first visit. Now has port shops and a zip libe across the water. We walked around as much as Monte's feet would let him. Even had my picture made with the locals! Spent the rest of the day reading and napping. Watched a shop version of Deal or No Deal and show of singing......