Saturday, May 25, 2013


 Last night the show was a tribute to the Beatles and these are the glow sticks they gave us to wave.This is Atlantis Resort. Yes the one you see on TV. 171 acres and think we walked 50 of it.

 Got my bracelet. Let's go......
 Tunnel of fish.
 Lobster for dinner......
 Fish - Fish - Fish
 One of many beaches
 The bridge is named the Michael Jackson room as that is where he slept.....
This guy needs a dentist.......

We arrive back in Fort Lauderdale in the morning and then we fly to Austin. Home either Sunday night or Monday morning.......see how tired we are.

Hope you have enjoyed our adventure and so until later.........


Lost a special family member on Friday, May 24th as Mac passed from this life. He was married to Monte's Mom for over 16 years. He will be missed by us all.........

Friday, May 24, 2013


Below are some posts of our day in Tortola. We had a good time, just tired.

Our show last night was Marcus Anthony in "The King of That Sweet Soul Music". He could not only do Motown, he could do any kind of music. He did a little country and even Elvis.

This is out last day at sea and the trip is almost over - but that's okay, I am already planning the next one.
This is what we see every day and love it.
We do have one more adventure before getting back to Florida, so check back......


 Bathroom signs here are a hoot. The bottom one is a portable potty.

 This is what greeted us when we arrived back to the ship. Everybody got back at once, so a line it was.
As we left we saw this face in the mountain, so Tortola, until later.....


 Took us to a beach area with refreshments and you know Monte, he can always find the ice cream. We also had a free rum punch. Don't worry , they don't put in much rum......
 This bag is smaller than what we pay $2.50 for in the states.
Starting today was a 3 day musical festival and they were revving up the sound system. LOUD
Not a very large area, so don't know where all the people sit or stand to listen. Maybe float in boats.


Speed bumps - we went over quite a few! Speed limit is 20-25, but the driving limit is 55-75. A couple of close calls......
 One of the beaches they took us to, but guess what all the signs said - do not go in the water......oh well, did not bring our suits.....
 Oh look, I did come on the trip.....St. Thomas, St. John and Antigua in the back ground. Sorry Monte did not get my new socks in the pic......
At the top looking down on our ship...........more to come


 Tortola is like all the Caribbean islands. Beautiful. The water is so many different colors and clear. Tortola is not commercial like so many of the others.

 This tent was one of the first thing we saw when docking. Circus in town?? No. When we drove around it, there were chairs and a book stand. Church or some other kind of meeting was our guess. When we returned, only the tent remained.
 Here if the vehicle we traveled in - and the only problem was they overbooked and squeezed us in. People in the middle - me - did not see everything. The first stop we made was restroom and refreshment - and guess where we stopped??????
Well, the airport of course, doesn't everybody?? Would not do that in the States........
check next post for rest of shore time......

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


If there is a bad side to cruising, this is it. You get the agenda for the next day in your cabin at night, so the next morning you take it up on deck and try to decide what you want to do for the day, but as you can see, it's quite a chore. Soooo the odds are that Monte is not going to be able to decide, so he will just do his regular "nothing". How he works all of it in - I'll never know.


Monday night we had Jump Jive and Wail. Tribute to the big band era. Good music and lots of energy.

Then it's on to ST Thomas. Is that not a neat taxi? We just walked around and I bought - are you ready for this???????   Some socks!!!!!

 St Thomas is beautiful and lots of sail boats and red roofed buildings. The show last night was so good we went twice. It was Mark Maverick from Dallas. He does hypnotic hi-jinks and was GREAT....The shows were different and we were glad we went back for the late show.

Today we are in Antigua. We have been here one time before and decided to stay on board. But the next two ports, we will be off and running, well, walking. Met a couple on the shuttle from the motel from Prosper. Have seen them again and enjoy visiting. Guess it's time for me to start my agenda for the day of doing "nuttin" and will check in later after there is more exciting news.
So until later.......

Monday, May 20, 2013


This little guy met us when we came in last night with our schedule for today and mints. Wouldn't you like for him to meet you at night? Pretty sure we will see some of his friends later in the cruise.

Weather is great - some clouds, but temps are good and smooth waters.......

If any of you are missing some of your energy - it's here on the ship with the dancers and singers. Last night was a tribute to New Orleans. "The Big Easy". For an hour the singers and dancers were on stage and going strong.

Tonight's show has a name that will make us think it is also high energy. So will see.....Maybe it's time for a nap or gotta go do my nothing.......

So until later......

Sunday, May 19, 2013


For of those of you that worried that we were traveling on Carnival, this is what we saw as we boarded the ship. Not the best sight!!!!! We also heard of a fire at the headquarters in Fort Lauderdale. Sounds like someone starting trouble.
So the best thing for us to do is find our lifeboat and we did. Think we might need a few more crew members for the 142 of us they are going to put in that boat.
Then it was sail away time and this is the view as we left. The beach is beautiful and had a few people, but really expected more.
We did bring more snacks than usual. Nope, not scared of anything, just taking care of low blood sugar. But, don't they look good??????
Show on the first night is always good. Get a little preview of the next week. Singers and dancers will give some good shows as last night they were great. Two funny guys gave a taste of their routines and one we will go see and the other one can just get off the ship.
Today is a day at sea and weather is good. Lots of places for me to sit and read, which is what I think I will do.
So until later........

Friday, May 17, 2013


Flight was one of the smoothest we have ever had. Got to Florida in record time! We stay in a LaQuinta in Hollywood FL and think it's a great location. We walk to an area about 1/2 mile away to several eating places. Tonight we choose Red Lobster. It was yummy. I had honey garlic shrimp over cilantro rice. Will have again. Signed up for shuttle at 12 tomorrow to take us to the pier. So that yall don't worry about us being on Carnival, we have lots of snacks with us and can probably take another cruise on what we can sell them for, well, that is if needed. We are ready to start our "doing nothing". So until later........

Thursday, May 16, 2013


When traveling to Austin, you must time your trip to make a stop in Brownwood. It was delish.
Got to Austin and it was nap time..........then time to eat again. So got out for a bite at Taco Cabano. Then a stop at HEB ( busy place) to get some water. Back to the room and since these people don't have the Rangers on TV, we are keeping up on the computer. Fly out tomorrow for Hollywood, well Florida that is. So until later.......