Tuesday, November 8, 2011


We leave Ensenada in about 30 minutes heading for San Pedro, which is just outside LA. We fly to Austin and get in about 10 Then Thursday night we are meeting Jason, Jami, Jaden and Jaxon in Abilene for the first round playoffs for the Tigers. Then home for the first time in 20 days. Then Friday morning we go to Midland Christian for Grandparents Day. Then we either buy new clothes or do some laundry.........

Already dreaming of our next cruise and hopefully will enclude some dear friends. You know me, always planning ahead and always keep a bag packed.

So until later.................


This park is in Lahaina beside the pier where we got on the tender to the ship. Perfect place to call home and eat ice cream. The trees seemed like they were all growing together.

Kelly gave us flowers when we got off the Road to Hana. Have to leave them on the ship, but enjoyed them for a few days.

The days we were rockin and rollin, the swiming pools were a lot of fun to watch, Have some on video, but hope you can see the difference in the water level. Same corner in each pic.

This pic means the cruise is nearly over. Have to get that luggage outside your cabin and hope you kept the right things for getting off in the morning.
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Monday, November 7, 2011


Here is our ride waiting for us in the rain, but as soon as we loaded up - clear skies.

Monte got his headset on and was ready to go. Got our instructions from our pilot - Eric. Next are just a few pics from the air. They also had a dvd of our flight and is great. Have not watched my video, but can not compare.

It was as if we were on top of the rainbow.

It was a great ride and would have gotten right back on if Eric had been going anywhere. Would do it again in a heartbeat. Can't wait for another chance.
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Sunday, November 6, 2011


The Road to Hana was beautiful, curvy and sometimes one lane. Started out by the ocean.

Just in case you couldn't handle the curves. I took a pill just in case.......

Highest price we saw for gas...WOW

Rainbow tree. They were in clumps and just wonderful.

Here is where we are getting higher and still beautiful.

Just before going to meet the helicopter, Kelly laid out an elegant meal. Linen table cloth, linen napkins and real silverware - and delish food. Chicken, fish, two kinds of coleslaw, corn and bread. Then brownies and pineapple for dessert. Everything is green - of course, it was the rainy side of the island. Stay tuned tomorrow for the best part of the tour - HELICOPTER
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As usual, it rained on us until we got to the Wailua River and then the sun came out.

The walk to the Fern Grotto was beautiful and then we had the singing of the Hawaiian Wedding Song.

On the river cruise back, we had singing and dancing.

Then we took the high road and could see where we had been on the river. While at this stop, the rain came back in full force.Posted by Picasa

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Honolulu is a very modern city with lots & lots of tall buildings. Also want to tell you what happened when we got back on board on Monday. Somebody had the virus and had it since we got on in San Pedro. You fill out health forms when you get on the ship and Monte & I ask each other if people really told the truth. Guess not!!!!! Don't know how many are sick, they say it's Norovirus, but we don't really know or how many or sick 1 or 100! All we know is everything has become a PAIN. They took all the sugar and salt & pepper off the tables and now serve everything. You can not even get your own drinks and they serve all the food, even off the buffet. The crew is now overworked and some are doing jobs they have never done before and all are getting cranky, even passengers.

This is PunchBowl Cementary. It was a sight to behold.......

When the flag is at half mast, you know that a funeral has just finished or one is to begin in 30 minutes. They have a lot of rituals.

We carried this uh umbrella? with us for about 4 years and just now opened it up. Guess its for only one person.

It is pouring down rain and we did not figure this lady out. She put the umbrellas down to take a pic and not thinking--------they filled with water.

Here is one of the cute ponchos we had to buy when we got to Pearl Harbor. they worked great and got to take them off just before going over to the memorial. $1.25 was the cost for each one.

This is the USS Arizona still below the water. Still leaking oil. Men are still in the ship and about 20 have had their remains put in since. There is to be a man's remains, at his request, put in on December 7, 2011. Anybody that was on the ship on December 7, 1941 is allowed to have their remains put in. They have one entry and put the vase through and it does not come back out.

It is a simple structure and floats above the Arizona. The triangle at the end is a room with the names on the wall and then another wall with the ones that have been buried since.

This is the staduim where the Pro Bowl is played. Sure wish we could have taken a tour.

Then we went to the WalMart of Hawaii - Hilo Hatties. It really is a nice place and has everything you could think of. We did nearly all of our shopping here. The shirt behind Monte is in the Guinness Book. Posted by Picasa


Monte had to have ice icream instead of macadamia nuts.

This is the cheapest gas prices we saw.

Volacanoe, can explode at any time or the earth open at any time.

Steam vents. Fogged our glasses and was really hot.

This is the lava tube we walked through.

Looking through the bog. Posted by Picasa