Monday, January 4, 2010


Yes, our trip is over for now. This was the first holiday cruise we had ever taken, so were not real sure of what to expect. It was great. Of course, we think all cruises are great. This time it seemed like there were fewer crew members and they were not all over you to buy drinks. The last night we had a another great show. A comedian juggler Jon Pearson. This was the best entertainment we had seen in a long time. All the shows were great and singers and dancers were good. So far, Norwegian has the best showers. We were on Royal Carribean this time and had little showers. We try to figure out how any body larger than us can even get in.
New Year's Day was fun and we spent part of the day in the Sports Bar watching football on the big screen and lots of little screens. No black eyed peas though.
The day of debarkment was a long one. You have to get out of your cabin and go to a public area assigned to you by your tag color. It is always a hassle to get the non US citizens to go to immigration. Seems like they always forget to go and the rest of us can not get off until they clear. So we were over an hour late getting off the ship, then our bus was not there for transfer to airport which was just down the street. Monte said we should have walked. When we get to the airport, there is another line to check in and then of course with my special knees, I get checked over good - and they are not even nice about it. Our plane was late coming in from Reno, so we landed in Austin about 1 1/2 hours after expected. Did get the score on the Tech game in the airport and then got to the motel and finished game. Ended the way we wanted.....
I am going to learn more about the blog from Jami when we have some time. This was my first try and when you "pay by the minute" for internet on the ship, you can't think too much or try things.
I do hope to blog when we travel, so hope you have enjoyed reading about our travels. So until the next trip - which will be fun.........

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Left 80 degree weather to come home to 31. Something is wrong.....We are plenty tired, but will try and post one more time, maybe tomorrow to wind up the trip. Needless to day, we had a fantastic time and as always, not ready to come home.
So, until tomorrow, good night..........

Friday, January 1, 2010


There is an old wives tale - whatever you do on New Year's Day - you do the rest of the year.....Promise?????


My, My - what 3 years can do to a place. The area around the port has really grown. We did enjoy walking around and remembering what we had already seen and all the new stuff. The temp was about 79 and perfect for walking. Cabo is really clean - at least where we were.....When we got back on board - time for a nap.....
Show was a group called Revolution - doing a tribute to the Beatles.....They were great - doing the show in 1st person - and they had the right group of people in the show lounge., It was loud and rowdy - getting ready for the new year.
Yes - we made it to the countdown - and yes, we were awake. Even wore the hats they gave us and drank the free champagne. Balloons were released from Deck 11 down through the Centrum. We were on Deck 9 and had to help the balloons from Deck 10 go over the railing. There were 5 parties, so we choose the Big Band and the one close to our room. The Centrum is really neat and it goes from Deck 4 to Deck 11 with sitting areas on all decks-so good to listen to all activities going on on Deck 4. later