Thursday, September 30, 2010


Not many beach goers as the Emerald Princess sailed from Port Everglades. We arrived at the pier dry and were unloaded under cover. Not so good for one of our bags. Had a few damp items. The usual muster - safety drill and then the time was ours. The welcome show was great. Singers and dancers and a comedian, who we will see again.

Sunshine most of today, but dry and warm. Enjoyed the big screen this morning as we watched "Leap Year", then sorta - part time watched "How to Train a Dragon". Puzzle books, games and books to read are with us at all times. Walked part of the ship today, but still have some to go.

Gotta go do my nothing now - so later

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Come again in 11 days........

Well, raining this morning and we are to get on the ship about noon. They tell us Nicole is maybe coming along. All it will do to us is change our route. We would like for it to stop just long enough for us to get on board and then we don't care. Would like to be dry and have dry luggage....

But you know us - whatever, we will have fun.......

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Arrived in Florida to sunshine.

We are staying at the same LaQuinta that we stayed at in April, 2008. We arrived in rain that year and were not able to explore the shopping center around the corner.

Well, this time we were going to go find a place to eat. Guess what? RAIN.
Stopped after a bit and we took off walking. Almost made it dry. Ate at TGI Fridays and came out to RAIN. We were already a little wet, so took off. Walking on a sidewalk next to road and got really close to getting splashed.

Back in the room and fighting over what to watch on TV. Since there is only one, we are having trouble finding something we will both watch. If you leave the room, the TV might be on a different channel when you come back.

That's it for now and maybe tomorrow there will be a pic to post.


Drove to Austin yesterday stopping in Abilene for breakfast and then walked across street last night to Luby's. Watched Packers & Bears and "watched" Rangers on computer.

This morning we are flying out of Austin for "Hollywood". Florida that is. Just heard on news that an armed man is on UT campus.

Well, not much happening yet, so stay tuned.