Saturday, August 29, 2015


Maybe you have enjoyed at least part of the trip with us. I usually do a little better with pics and posting. This time our WiFi was hit and miss and we had pictures on 4 iPhones and 2 cameras. I did not get pics from one phone and other camera. Know on our next adventure I will be able to do a little better.

We had a great time making memories with Monte's two sisters, Londa and husband John. Jolane and husband Carl. Already talking about next trip and maybe we can work it where the other two brothers and wives can go.

It was a totally different kind of trip for us as we had never been to an all inclusive resort. We liked it and will probably try it again.

Know I missed a lot of things we did on this trip, but maybe if you talk to us, it will come up about what else we did.

Monte and I will leave on another adventure in about 6 weeks. You know how it is, you have to check in at home ever so often to do laundry and make doctor appointments.......

so until the next time!


One thing we thought was really funny was the way they cleaned the bar tops out by the pool. The girl just climbed on top with her broom and mop! Just a few other random pics.


The last night we were there we walked down the beach a ways to a bar and restaurant. It was really good food and just fun. The people were really friendly...There was a short cut back through the woods, but got dark as we were ready to leave, so we sent back by the beach.


Took a boat up and down the river seeing what we could see. A few things that I only wanted to see from a distance. Monkeys were the best for me. Two different kinds. Will try to post some pics and see if you can even tell what I took a pic of.......


There was a buffet or other restaurants that you made a reservation for. Had Italian, Japanese and one had  fusion food. That was the one night the guys had to dress formal. Ha!!! The formal dress was long pants and closed shoes, so we had a little bit of everything. Only rule for women was to be comfortable........


Around the resort there was always something going on. Cooking out on the grill, which was delish. The ice cream wagon was good. Even had sour cream with strawberry. Monte & Jolane  even got in on water aerobics.


Took a water taxi, about 15 minutes, to Cocoa Beach and the rain came down. We were soaked by the time we arrived. First order was to buy a towel so we could dry off. Walked around a little, spent a little money and took taxi back. Met a couple of guys from Houston, maybe late 20's, that had quit their jobs just a week before and left the next day backpacking Central America. They were headed that day to the monkey farm to work. Here are some pics.....


Outside our room was a huge rooftop balcony. One afternoon we noticed they were sitting up for a wedding. So we attended at a distance. Lasted about 10 minutes.

Friday, August 21, 2015


Monte did try out a couple of new chairs......


We are enjoying a slow pace of life. We have several pools to sit around and the beach just a few more steps. Yesterday we met with our "personal assistant" to set up any extra adventures we might want to do. So far Monte & I have only  picked one. Afraid we just enjoy sitting around doing nothing. There is food everywhere and afraid we think we have to sample quite a bit of it. There is a show every night and that makes a good ending to a great day. The stage is just outside our balcony that provides music after that, so we are serenaded to sleep each night.

Yesterday we were just looking around and run into some people in one of the shops that liked Monte's Texas Ranger shirt and cap. So that leads to a long conversation of many questions about where we all live and the such like. Well. it was two couples that go to church with Eric and April and one of the guys had done work with Clois Talbott and one did work with Eric. Small world. Think they said there was 12 traveling in their group. They are returning home tomorrow. Steve & Tish Deffenbaugh and Jimmy & Brenda Smith.

They rotate the kind of foods you eat around here, so the first night we had Mexican, last night Italian and tonight we are headed to the steak house.

I am still not very good with posting pics, but will try again. Someday they make a blog for old ladies.

Thursday, August 20, 2015


This is what 6 faces look like when the lady on the PA system says that the plane for Houston with a connecting flight to Liberia, Costa Rica is loading.
Took about a 45 minute bus ride to get to Riu Palace, our home for the next week. It is beautiful here and so glad some of you have seen John's pics on FB. We have all had a hard time with WiFi. Some get it on their phones, some ipads and I am getting a little bit on computer. Tomorrow I will try for the lobby at some point and maybe can catch you up on the lay of the land. So for now......