Monday, October 31, 2011


Today has been another day for puzzles and books. Sun did come out this afternoon.

Show tonight was great, a ventriloquist by the name of Dan Horn. He even made a movie called Dumbstruck with Terry Fator, and the movie follows the lives of 5 ventriloquists for 1 year.

As I write this it is almost 9:30 and we set our clocks back another hour tonight. Monte said that pretty soon we will be a day behind.........

Tomorrow we see land for the first time since last Wednesday afternoon. We have had smooth sailing, but it will be good to see land. Tomorrow night I should have a little more to report, but guess all of my 1 or 2 followers will have to read it on Tuesday.......

so for now...........


Saturday, October 29, 2011


Today was our true day of doing "nothing" Monte watched a movie this morning and then worked some puzzles. I have read two books and this afternoon watched Secretariat. Was a good movie and loved when at the end - the real owner of Secretariat had been in the grandstand at the races, standing behind two of the main characters.

A little sun today and Monte put on shorts for the first time. We are still hoping for sunny days. Still in the middle of the ocean, so not much to take pics of - just wait until Monday.

Soooo until later........

Friday, October 28, 2011


Nuff said...........


Well, not much to report and no pics. We went to a bridge lesson and played a session of bridge. Was okay. Will go back today and see if we want to go any more.

To watch the Rangers, we had a choice of the Players Bar (lots of cigars and cigs) or the casino to watch the game, so we went to the casino. Lots of people watching and more Ranger fans than Cardinals. Had chances to put it away, but........there is always today. You see we start watching the game at 4:00 our time.

Rangers sure messed with our schedule as we did not eat until 8:45, missed the first show and went to the late show at 10:15. Yes, many of you were in bed.........Soooo, we did not get to do our "nothing" yesterday!

So, today we will watch again and see how our schedule goes for the night - and oh yeah, we gain another hour tonight.........

Thursday, October 27, 2011


We ask LaQuinta to get us a ride to San Pedro, and WOW, they got us a ride. It was lush and comfy compaired to the buses we usually ride. And yes, we are on a ship! Did you really not know?????

Of course, one of the first things to do is to find your muster station and do the "drill". Can you tell how exciting it was??

We walked the ship and found the walkway to the lounge I like to hang out in on sea days. The lounge is Skywalkers and has comfy chairs and windows all the way around looking out over the ocean. We have only seen three humans under the age of 12, all boys. probably 1, 10 & 12. Most are slower getting around than I am. Welcome show was great and we can tell we are going to have some good shows.

Mints on our pillows and one of the pools is above us and since we are shakin and rockin, we heard the splashing of the pool all night. All pools are closed today and cool on deck. Gained 2 hours when we got to California and gained another one last night. Passed by Catalina, but was already dark. So until later.......
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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Flight to LA was a good one, with only one problem, we arrived just after noon to lots of clouds and pretty cool weather. We are at a LaQuinta by the airport, and when we got ready to eat - which would be our only meal today - we could have stayed here and eaten sandwiches for $12 or upon going to the front door, we had Subway across the street, McDonalds to the left and Taco Bell to the right. Yes, I know, exciting choices. We settled on Taco Bell since we do not have one in Snyder. Have our plans in place for tomorrow, so until then.........

Monday, October 24, 2011


Our adventure is off to a great start. Saturday we drove to Arlington and Sunday morning went to church at Pleasant Ridge. Jason, Jami, Jaden, Jaxon, Monte's brother Marty and his wife Angela, our nephew Nathan and his wife Chelsea, and of course Monte & I. Two kids that Jason grew up with - Thad and his family and Amy attend church here, so got to see them, ex Snyder Mike and Janet and also Todd and two of his sons from Snyder were there. Marty found an old college roommate and Anglea found some cousins. Ate some lunch, went back to the house to watch some of the Cowboys game and then it was time for...........

the RANGERS. Jason, Jami, Jaden, Jaxon, Marty and his son Jeremy and Monte & I are still tagging along. Since we are Ranger fans, the game was fantastic.

We would have like to have gone to another game, but decided we had had our World Series game of glory, so would have to settle for the TV for tonights game. In the morning - we fly to later

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