Tuesday, August 10, 2010


On Friday afternoon before we got off the ship on Saturday morning, this is what we saw on our deck. Think they were telling us the cruise was over????? We did have a great time and are already planning our next adventure. If anybody wants to see how much fun we have, come with us. We are open to just about anything.

So, til later...............


A few things that we thought were funny about this cruise were: always when we get on a ship, the first thing we do is put passports, money, billfolds and cell phone in the safe. Well, this time we had to use a credit card to open and close the safe - so, okay, now what do I do with the credit card???????

When going to the drink counter, which had great tea and lemonade - the first thing is the ice dispenser, so? where is the glass? at the other end of the counter. Oh well, we all learned fast to go to the end first and then back to the first.........

There were 800 kids under the age of 17 on this cruise and they were all in the pools and hot tubs all the time. We did get in on port days as they all got off.....
The only place we got off was in Roatan. Their new cruise port is beautiful. Opened in November of 2009 and is no where near where we use to dock.

This is the beach we were going to and it was great. Beautiful sand. Want to walk or ride???????

Let's ride. The view was great and had a breeze. Oh, well, got a red neck anyway. They call these Magical Flying Beach Chairs. We called them ski lifts.........
Then of course, there is always the shopping area, but they are now making them clean and a safe area for cruise passengers.

No Diving????? No kidding

Drew Carey?????????

Monte thought he might need to check out the Fun Times to see if there was anything we were missing - No Our days were full of nothing and nothing was just what we wanted to do. Monte did watch Avatar on the big screen during the day and had to take turns between the sun and shade.

And as always we had a good time........

Monday, August 9, 2010


Now that we are home and I can do whatever I want to on this blog - as long as I am smart enough, plan to do a recap. But -

Got invited to lunch with a birthday bunch of women and then tonight we are going to eat with our kids here in Snyder, so since so much has come up in my life - need another day or two to catch up on the trip.

Of course, we had a good time, because we plan to when we go.

When the garage door opened last night, I made the remark that the opener still worked and Monte sighed and said he was hoping it would not open and we could just keep going on down the road. Oh well, maybe next time.

Oops, the washer and dryer are calling. Check back later.........

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Today is Cozumel and what do you do? You get in the pool as the million kids are gone ashore. Been a cloudy day and few sprinkles.

This connection is so bad that I go from strong to low signals. Thought it was the weather most of the time, but guess it is just their way......This ship is so odd in so many ways,will explain all that after we get back to land.

We have been getting GMA on the big screen and that has made us feel like we still know what is going on. Did hear that Nolan Ryan got the Texas Rangers and for us that is good news.

Well, a deck chair is calling my name, so better go before someone else gets it.

so until later.......


Having so much trouble downloading pics as their internet program has some pop ups blocked.
Will do a lot after we hit land on Saturday.

Roatan was like a new place since they have the new cruise port. We had a good time on shore and rode the flying beach chairs. More like a ferris wheel than a ski lift. Was the most sun we have seen since leaving and I have the red to prove it.

Show was a comedy hypnosis and guess it was good. We are still not sure if all the people on stage were "under his spell". Watched Beach Boys under the stars and that was great.


Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Glad this was a day we did not plan to get off the ship, because it rained and rained, just not all at the same time. The crew would get the deck wiped off and then here it would come again. We just sat on the deck and read and played games.......the show was a magician and he was good. The weather was so rough at times that they had to suspend tenders to the mainland. Tomorrow we plan to get off the ship - well, that depends on the rain.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Another day at sea and cloudy and showers. Doesn't bother us - we can still do nothing. The show was Motown and was okay - we just like other things better. Then enjoyed The Blind Side under the stars. Will try again on pics.......later


Having trouble with pics. Sunday was a day at sea and enjoyed sitting on deck in breeze. Monte looked at the FunTimes and wanted to see if there was anything we could fit in our schedule - but it was so full of "nothing" that we could not fit anything else in. Show was music around the word and was great. Dancers were full of energy. Made us so tired, we just went to bed.


Monday, August 2, 2010


Had planned to go to the port about noon and guess what? so did everybody else. Long Long line to get in parking garage and long line to check in. Left New Orleans about an hour late and 2 1/2 hours, we did had not found the ocean. Oh well, that's why we hired the Captain to drive for us........

As always, the first thing you do is eat, find your cabin, get unpacked and you are ready for your adventure.
This big screen is great - had news and movies. The Welcome show wasn't until 10:30, but was worth staying up for. A comedian that had a "dummy" named Walter. He was sooo good that you forgot that the same person was talking for both of them.


I know we have not posted, and I promise to try and catch you up this afternoon. Just know we are having a great time.