Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Well, we are home and I am already dreaming of the next adventure. This trip was one we had taken before, so not a lot of pics.

The last sea day was a big P-A-R-T-Y around the pool. Small pool and a guy told Monte he counted 67 in the pool at one time. Was off the ship and in our car by 9:30 Sunday morning. Drove to Bossier City and closed our trip off with another trip to Posados. Then home to Snyder about 7:00 Monday night and just tried from driving.

Now we have about 48 hours to rest before heading to Midland to keep grands for the week-end. Too hot around here, so better plan a cooler adventure soon..........

Friday, July 8, 2011


Well, Monte was suppose to have a conference call yesterday at 10:00 somebody's time. Did not hear it ring and probably did not want to pay the $10.oo or so a minute charge........Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Sitting in the Galaxy Show Lounge. Has floor to ceiling windows all aound the back of the ship. Best place to sit and read and work on the computer, while staying out of the sun......

Have we mentioned that there are 15,000 kids on here that are 15 and under. This trip we have had to watch out for strollers instead of motorized chairs.....

Had plenty of time for the computer tonight as the show is a group called Second City and we do not care for them. They do improv, but not to our liking. Posted by Picasa


Today we were at Belize City and again we stayed on the ship. It has rained about 5-10 minutes a day and then the sun comes out bright. Every time you are in a port, they are painting or fixing something and you find signs all around the ship. Posted by Picasa


We had so looked forward to going back to Roatan. Well, to our surprise we did not dock at the same place as last summer. It has a beautiful beach area to get off and sit, so we just stayed on the ship, which is great when all the other people are off. The place we docked is also a new one, we just wanted the beach area.........Show tonight was Soul Rockin Nights.Posted by Picasa


Costa Maya has a neat port and really clean. Also has a good swimming pool, but since this was the one port to shop, we did not get off in swim suits. Oh well, all we bought was a bottle of vanilla. Did not find shirts we wanted for grands, so guess we will have to go back to Jamaica or even make a trip to Hawaii. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Oh come on, how many of you did not know what our adventure was????????

Left New Orleans five minutes early, which we have never done before. Got out of the Mississippi about midnight. Weather has been beautiful.

First night we had a Master Illusionist "Jorgos" and then he did another show Monday afternoon which was really good. Comedian Bud Andersen, who we think we have seen on another ship. Last night was "On Broadway".

As I type this we are coming into Costa Maya, where we are going to get off and walk around. They have a nice port. More on that later.

Don't have wireless except in the internet room which makes a pain to connect. So for now I will sign off and write later. But you know us, we are soooo busy, I hardly have time to connect. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Well, the trip to get to the beginning of our adventure has had it's ups and downs. Our electricity has been off twice in the last week, the battery on Monte's car died as did the door knob on the door from the house to the garage.

Thursday nite was in a LaQuinta nestled in tall trees. We were only a block off IH, but could not see it. Friday nite was in Bossier City in a LaQuinta where we have stayed several times. On check in, they gave us keys to a room that had not been cleaned, so left for awhile and back to a room that did not receive internet. Went to lobby to use computer and they found the problem, so back to the room. Okay, by now, between the heat and traveling, ready for bed, but did eat at a favorite mexican food place - Posados.

Today we drove - along with thousands of other people - to outside New Orleans in Metairie. IH 10 was nuts. Saw a sign for a seafood buffet in Kenner, so drove there to eat instead of going to French Quarter and glad we did. The food was GREAT. Now the finishing touches to packing.

Tomorrow about noon we will begin the adventure - so stay tuned and see how much fun we can have doing nothing--------